Minnie and the Gingerbread Man

So far I have written and self-published two picture books intended for the under-fives. It was a special pleasure to bring these books to life. They were written for my two nieces and two nephews, and indeed they appear in the first book, ‘Minnie and the Gingerbread Man’, along with their dog, Minnie. It is mostly a true story: she really did chew Uncle David’s shoes… http://www.lulu.com/shop/david-tallach/minnie-and-the-gingerbread-man/paperback/product-23463394.html

The blurb reads: ‘Minnie is a spaniel who has a special friend, a toy gingerbread man. She is sad when he goes missing. Can her friends Abbi, Ruairidh and Alexander help her find him?’

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